What will you learn?

You will learn:

  • To problem solve

  • Logical reasoning

  • The ability to think in abstract ways

  • Confidence in your own mathematical ability.

What resources will I need?

  • Geometry set

  • Scientific calculator (whilst we do not specify which one you should have, we recommend the Casio brand as it is the easiest to use)

How will you be assessed?

All papers are externally assessed.

  • They make up 100% of the total GCSE

  • Three written papers contributing equally to the final grade

Tiered papers

  • Foundation Tier - GCSE Grades 1-5 available

  • Higher Tier - GCSE Grades 4-9 available (3 is allowed)

About the Exam Papers

  • Each exam paper is 1h 30 minutes long

  • Each paper is out of 80 marks

  • Papers 1F and 1H are non-calculator apps

  • Papers 2F, 3F, 2H and 3H are calculator papers

  • All 3 papers must be the same tier of entry and must be completed in the same assessment period.

Where can this subject take you in the future?

Maths can take you anywhere, the subject can be seen in everything you do: from checking you have the correct change in a shop to calculating the angle you need to kick the ball to score.

Having a math qualification gives people the opportunity to follow whatever career path they choose.

If students opt to study maths beyond GCSE then it gives them opportunities to work in a variety of industries such as financial sector, engineering, computing and research.