Learn +

What will you learn?

Learn + is part of the personalised pathway and, as a result, we will tailor the specific content based on the needs of the students. However, additional maths and English will often form a part of that:

Mathematics: Students will cover eight different components:

English: Students will be covering:

  • Reading and Comprehension

  • Writing

  • Spoken Language

What resources will I need?

Mathematics: AQA booklet, Teacher’s own resources

English: AQA booklet. Teacher’s own resources

How will you be assessed


This qualification is linear. Linear means that students submit all components that form the assessment at the end of the course. Students should submit for assessment and moderation evidence from eight components as follows:

Each complete portfolio should contain eight components of work made up of between four and eight external assignments. Any remaining components should be made up of internally set classwork.

All components are internally assessed (teacher marked) and then moderated by AQA. Each component is marked out of 30, giving a total mark out of 240 for the whole portfolio.


This qualification is linear. Linear means that all assessments are submitted at the end of the course. Students will complete writing papers throughout the year for the Reading, Comprehension and Writing tasks. For the Spoken Language students will present, respond to questions and feedback.