PE Cambridge National

What will you learn?


Unit R051: Contemporary issues in sport

This unit sets the context of sport within the wider environment and how it reflects society and its values. Students will explore a range of topical and contemporary issues in sport, as well as the promotion of values and ethical behaviour through sport. Students will also learn about the role of high-profile sporting events and national governing bodies in advancing sports’ attempts to positively impact upon society and showcase their worth beyond providing entertainment.

This unit is externally assessed through OCR set tasks and marked 1 hour exam. A sample test and candidate exemplars can be downloaded from the website, where you can also find past papers, examiners reports and ExamBuilder.

R052: Developing sports skills (Practical)

Students will develop their skills, techniques and use of tactics/strategies/compositional ideas in both an individual and a team sporting activity. Students will also improve their understanding of the rules to allow them to act in a number of officiating roles within an activity. As well as developing sporting skills, students will also develop their transferable skills such as communication, performing under pressure, using initiative to solve problems and making decisions by considering rapidly changing conditions around them.

This unit is assessed through OCR-set tasks and includes demonstration of students’ own practical performance skills and officiating, along with a demonstration of the ways students can improve their own performance

R053: Sports leadership

Whether voluntary or professional, the role of the sport leader is imperative in any sport. Adopting the role of coach, manager, teacher or team captain, sport leaders can shape the development of sport by influencing and inspiring those around them to participate and perform in sporting activities. In this unit, students learn more about different leadership roles and styles. They will then go on to plan and deliver effective and safe sessions and evaluate their own performance.

This unit is assessed through OCR-set tasks to allow practical demonstration of students’ planning and leadership skills.

R055: Working in the sports industry

There are many career paths that can be followed within the sports industry. Some are not linked directly to a sport or do not revolve around physical activity but are still vitally important to the participation, progression and success of sports activities. Students will be able to identify a number of careers within the sports industry, how to gain access to these, the wider context of the role they play, and the development paths within them. They will also look at how the sports industry affects society in Britain by looking at areas such as the economy, health and fitness, heritage, tourism and national identity.

This unit is assessed through OCR-set tasks where students explore career options relevant to them, demonstrate how they would apply and prepare appropriate information that might be needed in an interview.

How will I be assessed?

R051: Contemporary Issues in Sport - 1 hour paper - 60 marks

R052: Developing Sports Skills - Centre assessed tasks - OCR moderated

R053: Sports Leadership - Centre assessed tasks - OCR moderated

R055: Working in the Sports Industry - Centre assessed tasks - OCR moderated

Where can this subject take you?

Cambridge Nationals provide a strong base for progression to Further Education, whether it is on to Level 3 Cambridge Technicals or A Levels, or to an apprenticeship or work. There is a wide range of job roles to progress into such as Activity Leader, Sports Coach, Fitness Instructor and Leisure Assistant. It’s also widely recognised that regular participation in sport and physical activity is highly beneficial both to individuals and to society as a whole.

Cambridge Nationals in Sport offer students the solid foundation required for further study or progression into industry. Students will develop a wide range of highly desirable, transferable skills such as communication, problem solving, team working and performing under pressure.

Within the Sports Studies qualification, students will develop their own performance and how to effectively lead others as well as gain knowledge about the national sports context – excellent preparation for roles such as sport development or sport leadership

Why would I do the Cambridge National instead of GCSE Sports Science?

Cambridge Nationals are designed to allow students the freedom to explore more deeply the things that interest them. The teaching of the qualification will normally be through practical work, learning skills and how to do things that may be relevant to the world of work. A lot of the qualification is assessed by coursework set and marked by your child’s teacher. This will be done throughout the duration of their two year course. So if your child likes project work, enjoys research and doing practical things they may find a Cambridge National a better option than a GCSE. To ensure the qualification is robust and as stretching as a GCSE, every Cambridge National has an exam.