Psychology GCSE

What will you learn?

During GCSE Psychology, students learn about a range of complex psychological theories and research. Through learning about the following topics and the research studies that have been carried out they will develop their understanding of aspects of human behaviour:-

  • Memory

  • Perception

  • Language, thought and communication

  • Psychological problems

  • Neuropsychology

  • Developmental psychology

  • Social influence.

Through all these topics they will learn how the research methods that are used are critical.

What resources will I need?

You will not need any particular resources

How will you be assessed?

  • 2 exam papers at the end of the GCSE course with multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions on all topics.

Where can this subject take you in the future?

Psychology is a broad based academic subject which will develop your thinking and analytical skills. As a subject linking the arts and the sciences it is highly flexible in terms of what you can combine it with, both at GCSE and A Level. You do not need to have studied Psychology at GCSE to do an A level in Psychology.

Careers in the field of psychology include working directly as a psychologist (clinical, occupational or educational psychologist as examples; or indirectly using the knowledge and skills gained through your studies it can lead to careers in human resources or public services.